Sludge lagoon treatment

TK group have developed a special process for robotic pumping of sludge out of sludge lagoons and its’ recycling.

This process is suitable for factories in the chemical, petrochemical and mining industry.

This solution, besides being very environmentally friendly, can also be extremely profitable to the client.

Our Advantages:

  • Safe pumping of the sludge while keeping the lagoon operating at all times and preventing ecological damage.
  • Producing dry and stabilized sludge.
  • Recycling of high value Phosphoric acid, Crude oil and more.
Treatment of sludge basins

Sludge tanks treatment

Oil Tank Cleaning and Oil Recycling : 

Large refineries, petrochemical and energy companies hold heavy oils, as crude oil, in large tanks. With time, heavy sediments accumulate at the bottom of the tanks, partially obstructing the tank and preventing its proper and economical operation.

Maintenance teams must shut-down operation and clean the sediments. They also perform routine maintenance, e.g., welding, that require a gas-free state within the tank.

Cleaning such tanks requires a massive work force and long shut-down periods  of the tank, up to several months. Furthermore, petrochemical companies do not accept the sediments for re-use. Regulations classify these sediments as hazardous waste which requires disposal in special depositories. All this makes tank cleaning a costly operation.

Our collaborating company in TK group has developed a unique method for cleaning these tanks: two workers run a thermo-chemical process, cleaning a 15,000 m3 tank to near gas-free state within three weeks or less. The treatment unit is mobile; it can reach distant and difficult sites.

Main customer’s benefits are:

  • Lower direct costs of cleaning.
  • Recycling of close to 95% (Ninety five percent) of sediments that go back to re-use by customer.
  • Reduced cost in disposal of only 5% (Five Percent) of sediments which require special post-treatment.
  • Substantially shorter shut-down time.

It is important to note the following:

  1. No changes what-so-ever are made to the client’s tank or piping.
  2. The whole work is carried under explosion proof conditions without any source of open flame or sparks.
treatment of sludge tanks

On line robotic cleaning of cooling tower

Our collaborating company has introduced a breaking through technology based on a remote controlled robotic pumping unit.

The system is designed for on-line sludge pumping while the cooling tower is in operation and by that preventing the cooling tower from shutting down.

The pumped sludge is treated in an external mobile unit which separates the solids from the water using chemical and physical processes.

Liquid sludge is then dewatered in a filter press.

The outcome is clean water returned to the cooling tower and very dry harmless sludge.

During the process the cooling tower is fully operational at all times!

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