Physico-chemical treatment of industrial wastewater

Our company specializes in building and operating wastewater treating facilities in the chemical and petrochemical industry.
The company provides different solutions for the industry. This includes facilities and technologies that enable treatment and recycling of wastewater that contain different kinds of toxins, heavy metals and oils.

Portable facility for treating wastewater

The portable unit is capable of performing programmed or manual treatment steps of liquid waste. This includes acidification, reduction, chemical oxidation, coagulation/flocculation & filtration.

The unit is easy to transport to any site in the world. The unit is operational within 3-6 hours from arrival to site. 

Biological wastewater treatment

The company specialize in unique solutions for wastewater containing heavy organic load and it does so with anaerobic biological treatment and turning the wastewater into Bio-Gas, water and sludge. The process saves energy and is cost-effective.
We perform these processes for the chemical, petrochemical and food industries.

Mineral Oil, Fat Oil & Hazardous Wastewater Treatment & Recovery Plant

Our collaborating company specializes in establishing and operating unique, cost effective and environmentally friendly plants, that treat mineral oil, fat oil and hazardous wastewater. Due to this specific waste tendency to be very viscus and dense, it requires special treatment, with several phases.

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