TK Global Solutions Group is a West African based company focusing on business and technical solutions in various fields and consulting services for enterprises.

TK Global Solutions Group was established in order to address business problems and requirements in various fields all over the globe. Our group has more than 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, establishment, and management of small and medium enterprises. With our experience, we help companies to achieve the perfect solutions for their specific needs.

Our group is specialized primarily, but not exclusively in the fields of security, environment and business consulting. In the head of each field stands a professional team with proven experience and highest reliability.

The group is also experienced in building and establishing projects, optimizing organizational processes and solving real-time challenges. We are highly experienced in negotiations and have proven track record in establishing country-wide projects while maintaining great communication with all stakeholders.

After successful projects and the growing need TK Global Solutions has decided to expand its operations and now provides services to any company that wants to break forward both technologically and globally.

We’re here to solve your business problems.

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