Airport Security Solutions

Airports are one of the most sensitive strategic places as a result of the number of people passing through them each year. Apart from the fact that this is an entry and exit junction of a country, for the past years, we are exposed to an increased effort from terrorist groups to harm such strategic places.

The achievement of a high level of security rests on both the equipment and on the operation methods required to achieve it.

The level of security required depends on the several factors, including the location of the airport, the destinations of incoming and outgoing flights, the number of passengers per year and more.

Experience and familiarity with the regulations and with leading companies in the field are essential in order to know and characterize the best solutions to achieve the level of safety required for each airport.

TK Global solutions group can help the client in different levels of airport security including:


  • Airport security equipment – including purchase, upgrade, technical advising, installation, technical support, and maintenance.
  • Training of security agents
  • Access control
  • Monitoring systems – including face recognition and tracking.
  • Drone-based security system
  • CCTV – video surveillance
  • Establishing, operating and maintenance of the security department



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