When the global climate is unstable and the population grows at a rapid pace, water sources become polluted and the amount of industrial wastewater grows accordingly. Today, there are strict environmental protection standards that are designed to reduce and adjust the wastewater mix of large industries to urban drainage systems.

The group has decades of experience in the recycling technology of the heavy industries, the mezzanine of shipping ships and the food industry. We also provide solutions in the treatment and cleaning of fuel, oil, chemicals and water reservoirs. The Group has unique technology in the treatment of muddy water reservoirs (natural and industrial).

TK group specialize in unique robotic solutions for treating industrial sludge and hazardous materials.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

TK group design and operate unique mobile and stationary systems for treating industrial wastewater and hazardous materials

TK group develop and operate unique solutions for complex pumping and blocking situations in factories

Industrial Water Treatment

TK group treats and recycles industrial waste water for re-use in the plant by compact facilities, both fixed and mobile.

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